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Simcha Stroh, owner of Buzz home appliance and electronics stores, is keeping the Sterling brand as it reopens in Crown Heights, Sunday.

By COLlive reporter

Welcome back!

Sterling Electronics, the longtime home appliances store on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, is reopening the newly revamped space today just in time for the Pesach season.

While some of the final design touches might only be complete after Pesach, beginning this Sunday, Sterling is now fully stocked with all the essentials for the 8-day yomtov.

“The revamp has been long-overdue, so we’re going to have a beautiful store and carry many more products,” says Simcha Stroh, the owner and manager.

The store at 369 Kingston Avenue will be opening “100% Kosher-Lepesach!” and will include a new line of dishes and silverware.

“We want to thank all of our customers for their patience, and we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back and providing the same great service as always, including toiveling and free delivery to all our loyal customers,” he said.

Stroh has confirmed that he has recently acquired the stores Buzz Electronics of Boro Park at 1314 50th Street and Buzz Hometech Center at 1402 Coney Island Avenue.

“However, we’re not bringing the Buzz to Crown Heights,” Stroh told “It’s very important for us to keep the Sterling brand for our loyal customers. We always want to be the friendly, neighborhood, one-stop shop that is such a well-established part of Crown Heights.”

He added, “the Buzz will only be linked behind the scenes, using combined purchasing and logistics to deliver a better range of products and at much better prices than before.”

He welcomed locals to be in touch. “Please get in contact with any ideas or particular products you want to see, so that we can best accommodate you,” he said.

Sterling will continue to sell products on their website and via 718-756-9840 and email

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