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Mazal tov!

Now what?

The many details of planning a simcha can seem daunting. Proper organization can help you prepare for the upcoming events.

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Date & Location

The first tasks of planning a simcha are securing the date and location of the event. There is a limited number of Crown Heights venues, so make sure to check all availabilities before finalizing the location.


Event Details


Decide if you will be using a party planner and/or caterer. If you are self-catering, see the checklist below to ensure that every detail is perfect.

Your beautiful simcha should be well documented! Hire a professional photographer to capture the details of your event.

The traditional L’chaim includes a kinyon and breaking of a plate. Make sure to have a wrapped plate you feel comfortable breaking.


Pay the Shadchen


Chossen & Kallah 

The bride and groom can use these personal checklists to ensure that they will be well prepared for their special day.


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