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Bas Mitzvah Planner

Initial Arrangements 

• What is the anticipated date?

• How many people are you expecting? Create an invite list.

• Will the event be in a home, shul or hall?

• Will you serve dairy or meat?

• Will you use an event planner, or a caterer?

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Items that you will need to bring or prepare:

• A copy of the Rebbe’s letter

• Someone to read the Rebbe’s letter

• A D’var Torah for the Bas Mitzvah girl

• Invitations

You Can Also Arrange to:

• Have a speaker

• Give out benchers

• Have a craft project 

• Have a female musician for dancing and musical activities

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If you will not be using an event planner:

 There are generally three catering options.

• Everything from the set up to the clean up

 Providing the food and seting up

 Providing prepared food platters.   

Tables and Setup


• Rolls or Bagels

• Main dish (fishdairy or meat)

• Salads

• Desserts

• Drinks

• Lechaim


• Table & Chair Rentals

• Tablecloths

• Serving Dishes & Utensils Paper Goods

• Plates

• Cutlery

• Cups 

• Napkins

Clean Up

• Food storage containers 

• Garbage bags

• Broom & dust pan  

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