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Bar Mitzvah Boy's Preparations:

• Learning the bar mitzvah ma'ammar by heart Tutors  Books

• Some boys learn to lein the Parsha and/or Haftorah Tutors

• Preparing a D'var Torah 

Two months before their 13th birthday, the Bar Mitzvah boys begin to:

•  Put on Tefillin – order early as they can take up to a year to write 

• Wear a hat

• Arrange an aliyah at 770 

Bar Mitzvah Yechidus DVD Bar Mitzvah Books Plus Bar Mitzvah Registry

Initial Arrangements

• What is the anticipated date?

• How many people are you expecting? Creating an Invite List

• Will the event be in a home, shul or hall?

• Will you serve dairy or meat?

• Will you use an event planner or a caterer?

If you use an event planner you will still need:

Cake and l'chaim for after the aliya Bakeries, Liquor

A copy of the Rebbe's letter to be read at the event The Rebbe's Letter


Someone to read the Rebbe's letter

Someone to lead the guests in Tehillim

Some people give out Teshurahs

Things you will also need:

  Invitations, Addressing &  Mailing Services

• Benchers

• Music

 Wine & Liquor 

• Photographer 


Centerpieces, Flowers

• You can also get specialty cakes and cookies

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If you will not be using an event planner:

 There are generally three catering options.

• Everything from the set up to the clean up

Providing the food and seting up

Providing prepared food platters.   

Tables and Setup


Rolls or Bagels

• Main dish (fish, dairy or meat)




• L'chaim


Table & Chair Rentals


Serving Dishes & Utensils Paper Goods



• Cups 


Clean Up

• Food storage containers 

Garbage bags

Broom & dust pan

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